The worst feeling is to either wait or to give up..wait may come up with a positive result or it may not happen so..But quitting will always make you feel down in any other situation as it will not be a choice then it will become your habit.. Wait till you succeed.. Advertisements

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Sometimes, when everyone starts baffling you over pity things then the thoughts going through your veins becomes negative..Rollercoaster are always cursed for having so much of ups and downs twists and turns, but no one talk about the adrenaline rush which makes their soul relieved..Good Perception leads to a great life..

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Minion to Million

Ragged was is identity..dragged with problems of life he outraged to a burst of confidence out of curiosity..the coin flipped..turned into millions..Then he sighs and ends his success story and moves back in his rolls..

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waking up and heading to work is all we do in our daily lives. but having a break through a streamlined path is all we need. Asking yourself a simple thing that the rush you go through daily, was that meant to be your way of life ?? And at an obvious stimulation through our […]